2006 - 2008 Research


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A translational bioengineering course provides substantial gains in civic scientific literacy

Richards-Kortum R, Buckley D, Schwarz RA, Atkinson EN, Follen M; Ann Biomed Eng, 35(8):1324-32, Apr 2007.

Aptamer-targeted gold nanoparticles as a molecular-specific contrast agents for reflectance imaging

Javier, D, Nitin N, Levy M, Ellington A, Richards-Kortum R; Bioconjugate Chem., 19, 1309-1312, 2008

Autofluorescence and diffuse reflectance spectroscopy of oral epithelial tissue using a depth-sensitive fiber-optic probe

Schwarz R, Gao W, Daye D, Williams M, Richards-Kortum R, Gillenwater A; Applied Optics, 47(6): 825-834, Feb 2008

Automated image analysis of digital colposcopy for the detection of cervical neoplasia

Park S, Follen M, Milbourne A, Rhodes H, Malpica A, MacKinnon N, MacAulay C, Markey M, Richards-Kortum R; J Biomed Opt., 13(1):014029, Jan-Feb 2008

Confocal microscopy and molecular-specific optical contrast agents for the detection of oral neoplasia

Carlson AL, Gillenwater AM, Williams MD, El-Nagger AK, Richards-Kortum; Technol Cancer Res Treat, 6(5):361-74, Oct. 2007

Fluorescence and reflectance device variability throughout the progression of a phase II clinical trial to detect and screen for cervical neoplasia using a fiber optic probe

Freeberg JA, Serachitopol DM, McKinnon N, Price R, Atkinson EN, Cox DD, MacAulay C, Richards-Kortum R, Follen M, Pikkula B; J Biomed Opt., 12(3):034015, May-Jun 2007.

in vivo imaging of oral neoplasia using a miniaturized fiber optic confocal reflectance microscope

Maitland K, Gillenwater A, Williams M, El-Naggar A, Descour M, Richards-Kortum R; Oral Oncol., 10.1016, Feb 2008

Instrumentation as a source of variability in the application of fluorescence spectroscopic devices for detecting cervical neoplasia

Pikkula BM, Shuhatovich O, Price RL, Serachitopol DM, Follen M, McKinnon N, MacAulay C, Richards-Kortum R, Lee JS, Atkinson EN, Cox DD; J Biomed Opt., 12(3):034014, May-Jun 2007

Light scattering from collagen fiber networks: micro-optical properties of normal and neoplastic stroma

Arifler D, Pavlova I, Gillenwater A, Richards-Kortum R; Biophys J., 92(9):3260-74, Feb 2007

Low-cost, multimodal, portable screening system for early detection of oral cancer

Rahman M, Chaturvedi P, Gillenwater AM, Rebecca Richards-Kortum; J Biomed Opt., 13(3):0305020, May-June 2008

Metal-based nanorods as molecule-specfic contrast agents for reflectance imaging in 3D tissues

Javier D, Nitin N, Roblyer D, Richards-Kortum R; J of Nanophotonics, Vol. 2, 023506, Apr 2008

Molecular optical imaging of therapeutic targets of cancer

Sokolov K, Nida D, Descour M, Lacy A, Levy M, Hall B, Dharmawardhane S, Ellington A, Korgel B, Richards-Kortum R; Adv Cancer Res., 96:299-344, 2007.

Plasmon resonance coupling of metal nanoparticles for molecular imaging of carcinogenesis in vivo

Aaron J, Nitin N, Travis K, Kumar S, Collier T, Park SY, Jose-Yacaman M, Coghlan L, Follen M, Richards-Kortum R, Sokolov K; J Biomed Opt., 12(3):034007, May-Jun 2007.

Plasmonic nanosensors for imaging intracellular biomarkers in live cells

Kumar S, Harrison N, Richards-Kortum R, Sokolov K; Nano Lett., 7(5)1338-43, Apr 2007.